A Brief History of Denestia

Denestia is a world in a vast universe created by a great God named the Aenead. Upon the universe’s construction the Aenead slumbered, separating his consciousness into several formless, divine beings which later became known as the gods that he tasked with populating the universe with planets and lifeforms. In all, there are 10 recognized gods, although more are said to exist. These gods were:

  1. gods of the Streams – Energy – Summer, Winter
  • Ilumni – light – Benevolence – the celestial bodies are his
  • Amuni – shade – Malevolence – the world of shadows is his
  • Bragni – Fire, heat – Passion, Anger, Fear
  • Rituni – Ice , cold – Indifference,
  1. gods of Forms – Solids – Autumn
  • Humelen – Earth – Steadfastness, Strength, Stubborn –
  • Liganen – Wood – Serenity, Flexibility –
  • Kinzanen – Metal – Suppleness, Understanding, Intelligence
  1. gods of Flows – Liquids – Spring
  • Hyzenki – Water – Calm, Control
  • Aeoli – Air – Gravity , Comedic, Levity
  1. god of Life and Death
  • Sela – Spirit – Regeneration, Memory

Within this universe, all worlds are separated by the Planes of Existence. The Planes are What If – The Futures, What Was – The Pasts, What Is – The Presents. There is also the Nether where the gods themselves reside. The Planes were separated by a barrier called the Kassite so one could not directly leak into the other. This same barrier exists between all worlds.

The gods went about their individual tasks creating worlds in their likenesses, but after a while they sought out each other, wanting to become the dominant force. During this period of infighting the gods used the elemental fabric that created the worlds to do battle. That elemental fabric is known as Mater. However, Mater wasn’t just some element to be used that resided within everything, it is made up of sentient beings, each representing the essences within the elements of Mater itself. Like any other being, these learned and grew and wanted more. Some developed malevolently while others followed more benevolent paths. Others stayed neutral.

As the Divine Wars raged, the essences came to understand one thing. With death came life and strength. In their own ways, they sought to gain a better understanding of themselves and strive toward achieving ultimate power, a power beyond what the gods that first wielded them could fathom.

During their war, the gods used the primordial lifeforms left for them by the Aenead within the Nether to help them govern their worlds. These beings came to be known as netherlings and possessed much of the same power as the gods. Eventually, the gods came to realize that none were gaining an upper hand and banded together. Yet even then, they destroyed more than they built. Seeking any way to gain victory, the gods began to use the netherlings to fight and left other guardians, descended from the gods themselves to monitor their worlds as they waged battle. Sick of seeing their kind ravaged, the netherlings turned to these guardians, the Eztezians, and offered them more power that combined with theirs, could put an end to the Divinity Wars.

This led to the gods being sealed with the Nether by the Eztezians themselves. In a last ditch effort, Amuni fled to his main world, Hydae, and using a special Forging, opened a rift to the Nether and used the netherlings to form creatures to combat the Eztezians. This was the formation of the first shadelings, and the beginning of the Shade Wars across all the worlds.

With the gods sealed away, the shadelings rampaged for millenia in Denestia before the Eztezians were able to cull them from the land, but at a price. The sentience within the essences had grown too strong, and their influence now corrupted Mater itself, making any who wielded it for too long succumb either to madness or death. The Eztezians themselves turned on mankind and brought about the Great Divide, destroying much of the world, but at the same time thrusting most of what remained of the shadelings into its vast recesses. They then separated part of Southern Denestia in half by use of a great wall called the Vallum of Light. This edifice was imbued with Mater and prevented any shadelings from crossing. This allowed the Eztezians and the peoples of Denestia to hunt down and destroy what remained of the shade. Thus, Northern Denestia came to be known as Everland, South Western Denestia as Granadia and South Eastern as Ostania.

As time passed, the remaining Eztezians and other peoples created by the gods gave birth to Denestia’s races as we know them now, many born with the ability to sense Mater around them when opened to the right influences  and trained correctly. Something the essences were only too ready to take advantage of.

For thousands of years now, war has raged across Denestia with one race against another, all under the influence of Mater. This was until a great Eztezian, Damal Adelfried, finally understood the motives behind the essences and realized a balance was needed. Thus came about the formation of the Tenets that govern Mater.

Eventually, unable to control their growing power any longer and not willing to see the destruction of all they’d come to love, the Eztezians turned on one another, many dying while others sealed themselves away from the world.

Within the time that followed, Denestia grew, going through the every day trials and tribulations of any normal world, from wars to empires to periods of tranquility. Then began the religious crusades.

This period lasted several thousand years until the Tribunal established itself. They claimed Granadia as their own and brought the practice of Streamean worship with them, enforcing it in every kingdom across Granadia. Any who would not bend knee were simply conquered.

Ostania, they left alone until they had cemented their rule, but over time and for their own purposes they’ve since stretched themselves into Ostanian lands. And so we have what brings us to what Denestia has become over the past thousand years.

But that is for another history lesson.


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