The Fantasy Works of Terry C. Simpson

With my writing, I want to create worlds where my readers will lose themselves. Worlds where they can smell the scents, feel the textures, see the scenery, engage in the wonders of the world, cringe at its beasts, revile the evil of men and monsters, engross themselves in its history, celebrate the victories, weep at the defeats, feel the characters, love them, hate them, smile with them, laugh and cry with them, tremble, rage, scream with them, cackle with them in their insanity. I could continue to wax poetic. I’ve tried to weave my writing around all these elements and groups of characters that can evoke those feelings while they traverse the mysteries of the worlds they inhabit.

You will find my books available at all major ebook retailers from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Itunes for Ibooks (ipad, iphone), Kobo, Smashwords (Android apps), etc.

Aegis of The Gods Series

Book 1 – Etchings of Power

Book 2 – Uprising

Advent of Dawn – An Adventure in the World of Tera

The Gifts – Horror and Suspense


One response to “The Fantasy Works of Terry C. Simpson

  1. Michelle D Keyes

    January 28, 2012 at 9:46 am

    Very interesting excerpt and thanks for the preview! The only feedback I can give is that all the observations and monologue really dampen the scene tension. You might want to look into that. Congrats on finishing the book and good luck with it! 🙂


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