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Goodreads Giveaway, The Shadowbearer in Print and New Cover

Goodreads Giveaway, The Shadowbearer in Print and New Cover

It’s been a while in the making but the Shadowbearer finally has a print release. Here’s the cover and a Goodreads giveaway to go along with it.
The Giveaway:

The Cover.


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Cover Art for next fantasy book

The next Aegis of the Gods book is almost ready. There’s something to be said about good covers, and I have worked to try come up with covers that will draw my reader in. I hope my fans appreciate the effort. Covers have always been a drawing point for me, even now when I read primarily on my tablet. When browsing, I always go cover first before I read the blurb and a sample. I just feel the cover is important. Not as important as the contents of the book, as you truly can’t judge a book by it’s cover (sorry, I had to), but a good cover might tell you that the author or publisher cared about what his book looked like to his potential reader.

having said that, here’s some early work on my latest cover.


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My Proofs came as early Christmas

The first proofs of my book. I’ll be drinking tonight and all weekend. Dancing too!



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Print Cover for Etchings of Power

As the title says, here’s the cover for the print version of the book.

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Adventures in Mapmaking

Click to enlarge

So now that the book is complete, there are still quite a few things left to be done. I decided now was the time to take my map from the numerous rough sketches I have to something more permanent and presentable. Bear in mind, I’ve never done a map before.

First, I went about searching for software. After several experiments, I settled on a combination of Fractal Terrains, Campaign Cartographer 3 and Photoshop. Why so many? When I drew my maps free hand, I just didn’t feel like they were representative of a true map. So that’s where Fractal Terrains came in. It randomly generates a world with all the amenities (climate, terrain, river possibilities etc etc.) I chose a part of a Fractal Terrain map of a world to use. Then I ported that into CC3 to do some editing to it before exporting it to JPEG. Why not build the full map in CC3? I’m still not sure I wanted to pay for the other addons I would need to get what I wanted done. However, I do have some meager experience with photoshop and there were plenty of tutorials as well as the fact that brushes are so darn easy to use.

I played around with the software for about a week, testing, throwing out, redoing, redrawing, sometimes getting very frustrated, because I wanted this done. But nothing good comes about unless you put in the work, so I settled down and did just that.

Then this past weekend after my final edits, I said to myself, “get the map done.” Two days later of trial and error and I’m almost done. Here is what it looks like at present.  THE WORLD OF DENESTIA


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Completed Cover Art

This is the artwork for my book cover. I’ll allow the image to speak for itself. It’s done by Genzoman who I think is a wonderful artist. Here we see our main character Ryne, along with Irmina and Sakari facing off against an incoming threat.


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