Tera Online – An MMORPG worth playing

28 Apr

So over the past couple months, I beta tested Tera Online. I must say it has been the most refreshing experience I have had in playing MMORPGS since World of Warcraft.

When it comes to MMOS, I go way back to the UO days. I enjoyed games like Lineage 1, Legend of Mir, Lineage 2 and countless others. I have not had this much pleasure playing a PVP based game since Lineage 2 and the PVE is nothing to sniff at either.

The combat is simply unmatched in any other MMORPG, be it Guild Wars 2 or wherever. Not that GW2 is a bad game. It has many aspects I wish Tera would improve upon, namely the questing system, which is downright boring in Tera. However this is alleviated by the fact that you level very quickly, like WOW – Cataclysm fast.

If you’re new, you get teased at the start with the prologue intro that starts you at level 20. You get to see BAMS. What’s a BAM, you ask? Well, it means BIG ASS MONSTERS. And believe me, they are big. Their attacks are random, and you need every ounce of your skill to solo them or fight them in groups. The fights simply make you pay attention as you dodge, attack, block, roll. It is a breath of fresh air, I tell you.

The thing about Tera is that for once, a game wasn’t really hyped. People were skeptical after the debacle that was Aion. Slowly, this game is gaining momentum for all the things it does so well. I hope it succeeds.

I won’t continue to wax or gush about the game play. Here is the exclusive trailer for Tera’s release. Sit back and enjoy.


If you do decide to come play, I’ll be over on the Valley of Titans server on a character named Onislayer. Join in the fun.

I was so excited while typing this and waiting for Headstart in an hour or so, I made a bunch of typos. I hope I caught them all. 🙂

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