EBook Reviews, the Author, And you

14 Nov

What makes an author get all warm inside? A good review. Today, I received my first review from one of the bloggers I sent my books out to. When I read Jackie Miller’s review at, A smile spread across my face. so much so that my daughter asked “Daddy, are you happy?”

It’s the reviewer, the reader that’s most important to me. You let me know that I created a world you enjoyed, characters you felt, plots that kept you reading. Dialogue that was engaging. I want to keep taking my work to the next level, honing this craft so my readers can lose themselves in the worlds and characters I create, knowing that when they see my name, they can live another life simply by opening the pages of my books and reading.

That is a goal well worth the effort.

In this digital age, there’s nothing so important as the review to the author. Now, I’ll say that applies in general. As an author there’s no greater feeling than knowing a reader enjoyed your book and reviewed it, expressing that pleasure.

That has become even more important with ebooks. There’s no storefront to walk in to. There’s the ebook, the internet and the reader. There are a ton of things to do to increase visibility. Social media rules in that aspect. But what about getting readers to actually read your work?

The first answer would be to write a compelling story and write it well. So now we’re past that part. You have this great book. However, you’re part of the great unknown. You contact bloggers, forums, website owners, other authors and whoever else you need to. You do giveaways.

Your main goal? To get those reviews.The review is often the tipping point to purchasing. Your sales in the long run will be directly affected by those reviews. So will all your future work. Your name is your brand. Write a good book, get good reviews and you will be well on your way.

That’s what your average reader looks at. Whether it be Amazon or Smashwords or Barnes&Noble.  They can be elusive and it takes great patience to shop your work around and then wait for the reviews but if you wrote a good book, it’s well worth it.


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2 responses to “EBook Reviews, the Author, And you

  1. Ty Johnston

    November 14, 2011 at 10:28 pm

    Good reviews are always a nice form of validation, and that was definitely a nice review. And thanks for letting me know about another review site!

  2. mystichawker

    December 1, 2011 at 2:48 am

    Good reviews are always awesome. The ones I love to get is that they wanted more and are waiting for the sequel.


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