Epic Fantasy Novel, Etchings of Power released.

07 Oct

What a journey.

So, I sit here numb. Why? Well, today my book officially published.

I actually clicked the publish button yesterday and wasn’t sure how I felt then.  Well now I can say I’m so elated that I’m numb. Someone pinch me, please.

This started in 2001, when I was working at Verizon. My best friend Hughey and I always got together and talked about the books we read. We both felt there were so many great authors out there, but for some reason, we couldn’t always find the books that moved us the most. You see, we love magic, action, wars. And while we love characters also, those three things are what appeal to us the most. It’s why we loved Jordan, Sanderson, Butcher, Lumley just to mention a few. So my journey began.

After years from when I was in primary school in Barbados to high school here, people told me I had a knack for writing. English Lit and Lang were my best subjects. Along with History, I enjoyed those immensely. Then there was my love for wild life. Couple that with my love for fantasy fiction, this route seemed the most plausible.

I started building my world, and I started writing short pieces. Then I began to seriously look at what I needed to do if indeed I wanted this as a serious future, to be published in any form. I rented and bought books on writing, from Elements of Style to How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy, to everything inbetween, constantly learning the craft. I joined groups online. This eventually led me to the Speculative Collective Group here in NYC. A group of wonderful writers and aspiring novelists, who work in many different fields. And I learned.

Critique after critique, some more brutal than others, I learned. I still remember the first meeting when my work got beat up. But I took that in stride and knew what I needed to do to get better. So I worked on those nuances, and I’m still working on them. From there came a process of refining and rewriting even while my life tended at times to be a mess around me. But in those dark days, I found a love, a passion. This, writing. Creating worlds and peoples and characters wrapped up in their own trials and tribulations and watching as they lived their lives. It’s such a great joy that I cannot begin to describe.

So here it is, Book 1 of Aegis of the Gods, Etchings of Power. I hope you enjoy. And i hope I can make the next one even better.

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