Completed Cover Art

17 Jul

This is the artwork for my book cover. I’ll allow the image to speak for itself. It’s done by Genzoman who I think is a wonderful artist. Here we see our main character Ryne, along with Irmina and Sakari facing off against an incoming threat.


Posted by on July 17, 2011 in Artwork, Epublishing, Personal, Writing


2 responses to “Completed Cover Art

  1. Pam

    July 18, 2011 at 1:58 am

    Popped over from book junkies to see your art and am very impressed. It certainly fits the genre and looks professional. I am not very proud of the cover of my first eBook but believe my high fantasy, that will be out in print in a few weeks, looks pretty nice. I’ll post to junkies once I get the okay. A small problem with low res as the background is a picture of a painting but not too low res, or so I hope.

    Poked around in your posts while I was here. Liked what you said about editing. Formatted books for a few folks recently and had to bite my tongue to stop from suggesting they needed to send their work to a proof reader. I even suggested one but you know how it goes, they were eager to be in print. I am as well, but I’m more afraid to open my book and find I missed something.

    Anyway, back to the original subject, great job on the cover art. Will have to read the book when I get a little time. Best of success with marketing.


  2. terrycsimpson

    July 19, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    Thank you, Pam. I’m trying my best to make my readers happy with the quality they see and read.


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