Social Media Experience

17 Jun

Things sure have changed.

So, yes, finally I’m on facebook, twitter, goodreads, have a blog, a website and I wonder how much else I will be getting into as I connect with fellow authors and fans.

I remember back in the day when all I had were Aol online chat rooms and things like Blackplanet. Yes, maybe I’m showing my age a little, but it is what it is. Back then, we used to get laughed at for being on Aol in the chat rooms meeting people. Half the time the people you met didn’t even have a picture.  I wondered back then what was the point of it all besides fun.

Around that time was also the advent of Mp3s.

All these things are the forefathers of what we have today. From what I mentioned at the start to the Itunes movement and now the ebook movement.

I feel like any person who has a product of some sort who wants to get themselves out there should get into the social media experience. It’s a must. There has never been a greater, easier way for us to connect, promote, allow fans to get to know us, increase our potential, and in the end show we have a quality product and we care that those who are interested in us get the most fulfilling experience they can from our work.

Do you remember when you would buy an album based off a single and the rest of the songs sucked? Well for writers, you should be looking to put your samples out there. If you’re an indie take the necessary steps to make yourself better, make your work better. Get a cover artist and an editor. Your work will let your potential buyer/fan know that you care about him.

In a world dominated by social media like you tube,  facebook, twitter, myspace and blogs, to do anything less is folly. To avoid using the platforms you have available to you as well as making sure you have a quality product  will be your own death knell.

Our digital world is here to stay. Social media is here to stay. Like in the days when telephones were first introduced, either you get with the times or get left behind.

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