Emotions and writing

16 Jun

How does your emotional state affect you as a writer?

I asked about this in a couple of my facebook groups, and the answer was consistent. Your emotional state means a hell of a lot when it comes to writing. It affects everything from the quality of your work to what your work is actually about.

Some may think that emotions are more reflected in poems or songs, but as a novelist the heart of your story comes from where you are emotionally. Many times you will find your mood reflected in your characters. From the broken heart to happiness. From anger to disappointment to the joys of achievement. That’s what makes your novel real. The ability to channel that emotion into your characters, connect with them. They feel what you feel and vice versa. Does it sound weird to you? Maybe, but for me I find my best work that way.

On the other end of the spectrum, your own depressed state can block your ability to write. As general happiness can make you produce more. Matters of the heart are where I find this affects me the most. Lately, I’ve found it hard to think, much less write when I’m clouded by issues within my love life. On the good days, I’m a beast cranking word after word. On the bad days, the story is there somewhere, but it’s so muddled I can’t get it out. That’s where I’m learning that I need to buckle down. After all, if in real life there is heart break, why not work that into my story? Still I find it hard to get what I’m feeling just right. It’s as if my will has been sapped from me.

So what’s the solution when you’re in a funk? For me right now, it’s keeping myself occupied. There are other things I can do. For example, writing this blog, facebook, twitter, hit the gym. I find these things help me work the kinks out slightly. As a friend said, treat it like a job, it’s a sick day. Report to work. That means, simply write. Let the words flow. Spill those emotions onto the page. Somewhere in there will be a gem or two to be used.

I’m off to find my gems.

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